If only some of them would be romantic from day one and Keep it up!

If there is a special man in your life, you obviously can’t wait for the treat he has in store for you. Some men will go out of their way to dine with their wives, buy a gift and be nice. Some adamant men might think and not care at all about how they treat their partners but most of them should at least learn that; Your anniversary, her birthday, when she has a new baby, Mother’s Day, saying you are sorry and surprise treats are great opportunities to express your love. Every woman wants to be heard. Be available and give her full attention.
Men should understand that women need to know that their husbands think highly of them.
Men should  appreciate the things women do. Commend her new hair style, or dress. Take her out on a date. Women love to be kissed and hugged. Hold your wife’s hand in public.
Let this be the spark that ignites a healthy, romantic and passionate relationship.
#Also to the ladies.


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