When its Right.

So for a while now, i have been praying and thinking to myself-why are most of them weird?? I mean the guys and girls. And the voice in my heart started to speak, “its not only you my child but the rest out there go through the same and much more”…. How could i have been sooo wrong?….
At first, the feeling is mutual- you are friends willing to do alot for each other even if it meant giving them the world. Trust me, you would but there is something that changes when they say that sentence “You know what, I LIKE/LOVE you”…Its like one has hit a certain wall in your heart, feels like they have crossed some boundary but its okay at the moment because you are still friends.
So he/she keeps staring in your eyes hoping that you give them a positive reply and here i was saying that i would pray about it.
For a second, he thought to himself and then said, you have all the time in the world. I kept wondering how i felt about him and it was the same way but sometimes a girl needs to know alot about what she is getting herself into….so i gave him a few tests such as seeing if he will keep up with his communication skills and other stuff.
Anyway, just to prove your thoughts wrong, he changed totally..Like TOTALLY and it hurt alot but i had no choice only to pretend like all was fine.. This proved to me that sometimes when they say they like or love you its better to give it alittle time before saying yes, maybe then you will know whether its Right or Not…
Never Forget to Keep God First…


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