Have you ever been so confused with two people thinking that they will all make you happy? Thinking, “If i leave this one and choose the other, i might regret it”….This is kinda the worst feeling ever….though not really but it is somehow.
So anyway Dating is a cycle of life, its something that is done by almost everyone inorder to find the right person but thing is, when it comes to that sect where the person you once loved starts to change in a negative way and even if you try, he/she doesn’t seem to care…. And then you go like “Doesn’t he/she think i can leave?, What does he take me for?, Will it even hurt if i leave or Will he/she just watch me go and move on? Such questions pop into your mind and most times, u have no right answer. So you stay, and watch them treat you like your invisible.
In most cases when all that is happening, you have a friend that is sooo loving, i mean soooo freaking loving and is asking you to be with them, that they will make you happy at all costs.
Now am assuming that atleast someone out there is going through this and i also know that some people deserve a chance to change but all in all, one should always know when to throw in the towel…
They want an ultimatum; they want you to end it so that in the end, they won’t be the ones to blame for a broken heart and that right there makes them treat you like nothing…
So am saying NOOOO, GIVE IT TO THEM, it doesnt matter what they have done, forgive them and let them go. They asked for it through their ways that could easily show that they are tired and for the many times you have tried to put things together, they don’t seem to get it or even try.. Forgive them, give them the space they need, maybe your not being in the love picture for a while will make he/she realise how valuable you are.
I mean God knows you Deserve Better..
(Just be smart enough to know when Enough is Enough.
Sometimes, you just have to let go. Not everything is meant to be a forever kind of thing. You cannot give them too many chances to make the same mistakes.  You have to be honest with yourself, even if it hurts).
I also understand that Letting go might not be easy, but you will Never know till you try…
You Deserve Better, Trust Me..
Learn from it. Grow out of it.
Much love..

Bracket(Quote by one of my favourite writers RobHillSr)


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