SENTENCED BEFORE BIRTH FOR 60 Dollars/150,000shillings. “The right decision does not make the pain go away”

At a glance, I notice a young girl who is just a child herself but she is evidently incapable of being a mother.
For a moment, she is unsure where to start her tale. One she is least proud to share.
She needs the rest because her weakness is visible from her sickly eyes, slow and uncalculated steps as she pushes her body forward.
She thinks about that moment each day since she did it. She begs me not to use words like killing or murdering but keep it to abortion, perhaps a simpler word that will help her deal with the pain of thinking of the fact that she ended an innocent life.
“He wouldn’t want to take care of the child and even stopped picking my calls when I told him I had missed my periods,” she explains her reason for carrying out the abortion. The doctor who carried out the abortion was least comforting. “He kept blaming me too,” she adds, wiping tears with the back of her right hand, thereon sneezing through a fairly dingy handkerchief.
“First I visited a clinic where I found a doctor that made me bargain for a long time. The doctor first pretended, quarreled and blamed me for my carelessness,” she narrates.
He then asked her “what were you thinking when you decided to have sex with your boyfriend, didn’t you know that you would get pregnant?” were his words. Please help me doctor, my auntie will kill me,” she begged. Little did she know this was not even a qualified doctor but simply a fake doctor.
On the day of the abortion the doctor got a red bucket with huge instruments and poured Waragi which is a spirit saying that it will kill the germs. “He then made me unconscious and pulled out my fetus. Upon waking up, I was harshly told to leave immediately. Make sure you walk properly so that people don’t question your actions along the way,” the nurse further cautioned. She recalls starting to bleed after a few hours but she thought it was normal since the doctor had earlier on informed her that it would happen. “But the bleeding never ended,” she shares as she lazily moves her body.
She is healing day by day but the pain in her heart has never left.
For some women, discovering that they are pregnant is one of the happiest moments of their lives. However, Agnes’s life has never been the same again since her pregnancy was no sweet affair and will leave no good memories to remember.
For others, like those who are not married, are still in school and are not ready to become parents like Agnes, it seems like the beginning of a terrifying situation.
While women of every social class seek terminations, the typical woman who ends her pregnancy is young, unmarried and scared of what her parents will do when they find out. 
Whether its early or late it doesnt matter. You dont have to beat yourself up because of the mistakes you have made but rather accept it and try to move forward. If it is not a health issue, give that child a chance nomatter the circumstance…

Children are a Blessing from God nomatter how they come to us.(Photo by OrijinCulture)

I can tell you that some sweet mothers who are out there and have been through this, know that in the end, That child is the best thing that has ever happened to them.
As Women we go through a lot, but we have no rights to take away the chance and opportunity of one to live….
Even though you have done it before, you can open a new chapter in your life and make the right decisions. Let God lead you.
We should pick ourselves up and prove to the world that we gat this.

Be proud, Be You(Photo by OrijinCulture)

Thanks to the men that stand by their Wives, Girlfriends amidst such times.
Lets celebrate Life..
With Love,
God Bless


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