You are Me

Your Accessories are different from mine, but nonetheless they don’t define us, they just compliment our #‎NaturalBeauty.


In my world we learn how to be motherly before turning into mothers, and not wait to be #‎mothers  before learning how to be motherly.


Sir, you left this in #‎AFRICA , we don’t need it anymore


There is nothing that can stop you from your dreams… You just have to do it, by ALL means. 


My environment does not define me, neither does it determine who or what I should be.#‎Peekaboo.



My life is tune of many experiences; A tune of love, a tune of sorrow, a tune of mistakes but no regrets…Play the same tune in your #‎life  physically, spiritually and mentally, and you will rise above all things…
If i love u, like i love me, if i treat you like i treat me…Oh what a world, this would be….
Oh what a world!!!! When i learn to see that you are me…


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