Over the years, I have come to realize how self worth is very important for one’s life to function normally. Not that alone, but knowing the importance of having it is key.
It’s just sad to say that many of us are still finding out who we really are. And that it is a life time process; each day you get to discover new things that you can do. Trying out this and that just to improve on how we feel about ourselves.


Self esteem, self worth, self love, self admiration and self value are all just the same thing. For others, this is different.
Some just pour out all the negativity to the people around them, never appreciating what they have to offer, not seeing the good in others and exposing themselves to self hurt. It is a silent killer and why do I say this? Because it gets you depressed, sad, reckless and just makes you act immature.
“Maybe am not good enough, maybe am not what he wants, maybe am not what she wants, maybe I don’t look as hot as that lady, that man, I guess I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve to stay alive since no one can accept me”; you say. Have you sat down and thought about how special you are despite the things you go through in life?
And yes, I understand that some people constantly need to be reminded of how special they are but it takes you first. It’s not like you’ll always meet people that make you feel good about yourself. Why?? Because it’s not supposed to be that way!!!!
I think we need to know who we are before we can extend that Love on to other people. Practice a little bit of selfishness when it comes to loving yourself because then, you will learn how to share it without being depressed.


Learn that NOT everyone in this world can be pleased to the maximum, aim for a higher prize and whatever you believe in should always come first.


The purpose of friend/relationships is based on relational growth. There must be a common purpose which is to extend love and make other people better. This means participation in something with others rather than just association. So it’s not about what you GET but what you GIVE.
When we learn this, we realize that it’s not about us all the time but about how we can help others. It starts with you darling, YOU!!!.


Am hoping that with time you’ll feel better because healing starts with you changing your mindset.. You Are Good Enough…How about that?!!


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