Ever had a friend that became family? Inspired you to be more? Greater, Faster, Stronger…..Better? Ever had someone strip you of all your insecurities, made you feel more than beautiful inside and out? It’s amazing how we continue to wake up every single day no matter what happened the day before. Every day is another chance, another blessing.

Unconditional Love is Beautiful
Unconditional Love is Beautiful

When someone makes you emotionally vulnerable,when the strength of your happiness scares you, when you can’t go a moment without smiling thinking about them, when you cant keep one finger off of them when you are together, when they motivate you, and uplift you at the same time, when you two don’t go a moment without laughing, smiling or goofing around. That is what lifts the heart.

You are my friend, my mirror, my love, my companion, my biggest fan, support system, safe haven, responsible for most of my molar exposing, loud laughs, Lover of my flaws and my hair. You are one of my biggest appreciations.

You’ll always be my SOKA, my LOVER!

Illustration Cred;Papa Oppong
Illustration Cred;Papa Oppong

The African says “SOKA LAMI”


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